Teaching material

Disease risk modeling and visualization using R

Tutorial at useR! 2018, Brisbane, Australia

Courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

University of Bath, UK

Bayesian and large scale methods, 2020
This course introduces methods for large scale Bayesian stochastic modelling and statistical inference, including theoretical concepts as well as computational techniques.

Mathematical and statistical methods for the life sciences, 2019
This course provides students with a background in probability and statistics to enable to understand and implement a range of statistical techniques to analyze data.

Probability & Statistics 1A, 2019
This course aims to provide a solid foundation in discrete probability theory that facilitates further study in probability and statistics.

Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Spatial modeling and visualization of health data, 2018
Visiting lecturer
This course describes methods to estimate the spatial variation of health outcomes, and to create interactive visualizations, dashboards and Shiny web applications.

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Biomedical Skills II, 2016
This course is designed for biomedical science students and covers a range of basic biostatistical methods to analyse and interpret data.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

Spatial Epidemiology in Public Health, 2015
This course aims to introduce students to methods for describing and understanding the spatial variation in disease risk in geographically referenced health data.

Lancaster University, UK

Environmental Epidemiology, 2014
Teaching Assistant
This course aims to introduce students to the kinds of statistical methods used to investigate the relationship between risk of disease and environmental factors. Specifically the course concentrates on studies with a spatial component.

Short courses and tutorials on geospatial modeling and the development of interactive visualization applications for health, ecology and environmental processes

GeoMundus 2020, Münster, Germany

R-Ladies Lima, Peru

OpenGeoHub Summer School 2020, Wageningen, the Netherlands

International Statistical Ecology Conference, Sydney, Australia

ENAR 2020 Spring Meeting, Nashville, USA

International capacity building training programme, Asuncion, Paraguay

useR! 2018 conference, Brisbane, Australia

RaukR. Advanced R programming for Bioinformatics summer school 2018, Visby, Sweden